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About the ReBoot

The Closet ReBoot


It’s the age old dilemma – you’ve got a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear!  So, what do you do?  Well, you’ll either go out and spend a good chunk of change on some new outfits, or you’ll just keep wearing the same three or four outfits over and over again, forgetting all about the other great clothes you have bought along the way.  Maybe its even gotten so bad that if you asked your friends to picture you in their heads, they know exactly which clothes you would be wearing! 


I’m here to offer you a third option, one that is wallet friendly and tailored just for you.  Its called The Closet ReBoot, and using my expertise in style and the latest fashion trends, I will create a minimum of 20 immediately wearable outfits using the clothes you already have hanging in your closet!  Stay at home with the kids?  I’ll pull together outfits that are casual and comfortable, yet trendy and stylish. Working mom?  I’ll freshen up your work look with appropriate and modern outfits, so you feel confident as you leave your house each morning.  Not quite sure how to dress for this ever-changing weather in Colorado?  I’ll show you how to piece together outfits to get you through the 4 seasons we sometimes experience in one day! 


Here’s how it works:  We will start with a quick consultation in which I will ask you specific questions in order to understand your style type and wardrobe needs.  I will then spend a minimum of 2 hours pulling items from your closet and arranging them in up-to-date individual mix and match outfits.  I photograph every single outfit, including shoes and accessories, often times with options for cooler/warmer temp adjustments, which will then be imported into a lookbook that you get to keep.  We will close with a 30 minute recap, reviewing the outfits I have put together and allowing you to make any changes you see fit.  At this time, I will also make suggestions where I see gaps in your closet, and which key pieces you may want to purchase to complete your wardrobe.  If you desire, I can even shop for those items for you!  One of the added bonuses of doing The Closet ReBoot is the access you have to the Onyx & Blush jewelry and accessories line.  For 7 days following your appointment you will receive $25 towards any jewelry purchase!! 


No more standing in your closet staring aimlessly wondering what to wear.  No more picking out the same 2 or 3 items day after day.  No more feeling like you have nothing to wear. All you have to do is open your lookbook, choose an outfit and pull the fabulous items hanging right in front of you that have been ignored for so long.  The Closet ReBoot will leave you feeling like you just went on a shopping spree for a fraction of what one would actually cost.  You’ve got a closet full of clothes and its time to get excited about it!!


Cost: $285 for a three hour “ReBoot” plus your own personal lookbook containing a minimum of 20 outfits. $85 every additional hour


Additional Services:  $85/hour

Personal Shopping:  Do you find shopping stressful and unenjoyable, or simply just don't have the time?  Let me make it simple and easy for you!  You set the budget and I'll get to work filling in the gaps to complete your closet.  Need a fresh denim jacket or a new pair of block heel sandals?  No problem!  I'll bring several choices straight to your home, you keep and pay only for what you want, and I'll take care of returning the rest.  


Vacation Selections: Start sipping on that margarita early as you relax and I choose the outfits you need to pack for your next vacation! 


Closet Cleanout: Just need help sorting through which items to keep and which to part ways with?  We will work together to go through your closet so you are left with only the items you love and wear.  



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