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The Closet ReBoot reminded me that I really can be stylish, even when I am “dressed down” doing momma duties like errands and carpool.

Amy has a great eye for style, she listens to what you really want, she verifies that she is giving you outfits that you like and in the end you come out with STYLE!... The Closet ReBoot is a priceless service



Best thing I did to invest in myself in a long time!  I feel great about myself and its super convenient to keep the ReBoot book near my closet for quick morning decisions about what to wear



Amy is awesome!  She is patient and helps you still feel like yourself.  She knows style to keep you current even with your old clothes and does not try to dress you in something that doesn’t feel like yourself.  

I was pleasantly surprised at how Amy was able to put together great outfits with the clothes I already owned so that I still felt like myself, but with some pizazz. 



I tend to always feel behind in trends, and knowing that I can always call on Amy to assess my closet and help me freshen up so I don’t look dated is great!  She’s a wonderful resource to have for those of us who don’t always feel confident in using what we have to look our best. 

You can go to a stylist at a store or boutique and refresh your look, but being able to sue what you already have is more affordable, environmentally sustainable, and it just makes sense. 

You loved these pieces before or you wouldn’t have purchased them, so why not let Amy help you see them through fresh eyes?



I love being able to go back to the look book still, even after several months, for ideas and no longer feel like I have “nothing to wear.” 
Amy such an eye for not only pulling outfits together, but uniquely pulling together combos that amplify my individual taste. It is not a one size fits all approach, rather she individually tailored the outfit suggestions to what I liked to wear and not just to what was trendy or outside of my comfort zone.

I love how I feel when I put on the “new” outfits Amy selected – and love that she answered how to put together pieces that I love but had no clue how to wear.

So much more fun to go out these days now that I can look at her suggested outfits (already in my closet) and effortlessly go out the door. 

She helped me feel the way I wanted to but never could quite get there myself.

 The money I saved by actually finally using the clothes I had and not just buying new clothes that still would leave me saying I have nothing to wear was worth every penny and more. Most of us love the clothes we pick ad just need some help taking it to the next level of actually wearing it and feeling confident in our own style choices.  Amy definitely makes that happen!



I was very surprised at how quickly Amy was able to go through my closet and find hidden gems. I was also surprised that it was comfortable to have Amy in my space.  She works so quickly, and most of the time is spent styling the outfits with the jewelry outside of the closet, vs. going through every single item in the closet

The Closet ReBoot has been amazing in many ways.  Putting outfits together, and accessorizing them is outside of my skill set.  With the lookbook as a resource, I’m able to get ready so much faster, without the additional wonder about what I should wear, and questioning what would look good together

I just feel so much better when I leave the house, and I notice instead of worrying about my clothes, I am more present in the moment.

I have also found that I’m more equipped to put together outfits on my own using her jewelry I received as part of this process.

I now have 20-30 new outfits, in the lookbook alone.  The same amount of money would have only bought me 1 or 2 outfits at the mall.  I can’t wait to do this again!




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